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Vaccines: The Never Ending Debate


I felt the need to pass along this article about “Vaccinations vs. Autism” via BabyCenter.com, as since having a baby, this has been a hot topic of conversation for a lot of people.

It’s funny. I never thought anything about vaccinations until Jackie was born. I received all my shots growing up and everyone around me did the same thing. It wasn’t until several studies started popping up about the autism link, and specifically when The Lancet study was released in 1998, that it caused a huge ruckus in Parentville.

I found myself almost in tears as I headed to my daughter’s two month appointment back in September. I talked to a number of people beforehand, some very close friends. People who were against getting vaccinated early have a lot of their own personal reasons and evidence on why not. I respect that and honor those choices.. but it also got me thinking (and sometimes that can be a bad thing).

Sometimes I find myself between a rock and a hard place. If I have an opinion, but haven’t done a lot of research, I get swayed quite easily–especially from friends that I trust, and especially friends that already have kids. My husband, for example, has no issue with vaccinations and feels that they are a necessity. I thought I was in that camp until I started doing my research.

When it came to Jackie’s two month appointment, I knew I was going to get the shots done (reluctantly) because I didn’t have any research to to back up any thoughts I had and I started the research process to late. I was anxious, but mostly I assert, from being ignorant. Vaccinations weren’t on my radar to research as, well, I was just doing what my parents did when I was a kid and following what her pediatrician’s school of thought was at the moment.

In the end, I did do my research and do feel that vaccinations are important. I’m sure others out there will state otherwise, and honestly, PLEASE POST A COMMENT letting me know! I would love to hear about “the other side” as I’m always wanting to look through other’s eyes.. looking to see if maybe I am missing something. At a bare minimum, at least I will learn something.

Parenting is a scary thing. You want to do what’s right for your kid and don’t want to see them hurt. It was tough for me after that two month appointment when her legs were tender for a day, she seemed more drowsy than normal, etc. I kept saying (along with other moms) that we “did” something to our kids. Well, yeah, I guess we did. It was just a feeling of guilt that I didn’t foresee coming. Luckily, that feeling went away quickly, but honestly, it will be a day I will never forget.

Before and after her shots, I kept asking myself: “What if something happens to Jackie? What if she does show signs of autism? Will you forgive yourself?” I don’t think I ever came up with an answer, but all I did know was keeping her safe from other possible life threatening diseases was worth it. We’ll see in the end if I am right.