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Things Can Only Get Better


I always amaze myself, even if it’s only a few days, in how much I fret and have anxiety over things. Although I do “learn” every time a new event arises that causes said anxiety, I always tell myself “no, this one is DIFFERENT.”

Current example is my daughter moving into a “big girl” bed a couple weeks ago. There’s so much that has gone on in the last couple weeks where I should have written, but it always felt like I didn’t have the energy.

I did post questions about this in a number of different places and got some great advice, but I just didn’t bother to put it here for some reason.

In any case, I thought the “move” would go much easier. My daughter has always been a great sleeper (please don’t hate me other parents) and she was excited about the new bed, but there were SO many change factors that I really wasn’t conscious of how it would affect her.

It started with my husband being sick, but then it was having to continue with the switch as Thanksgiving weekend was the only weekend to really get most of it done. Although I’m glad now it happened, I felt so guilty that my husband was doing it all while sick (painting, moving furniture, etc., etc.) that I just didn’t know what to do with myself. I did what I could as far as running to Home Depot for paint and other items and keeping Jackie busy, but I wanted to do more.

The initial stage was completed and we were happy–but Jackie was not. Why? Well, I didn’t think about this ahead of time, but here were all the factors:

  • Her Dad was sick
  • New bed (we didn’t convert her crib)
  • New room
  • New room looked entirely different due to painting
  • Bed in different place
  • New sheets
  • Room not completely done
  • Most of house in disarray where she couldn’t get to toys
  • Our full bed (her initial “big bed” that she called it) had been taken down
  • Mom anxious

Wow. If I had made this list during this project, I probably could have calmed down. Any normal human being would be a bit challenged by all of that, but then take a kid who only knows her same environment for as long as she’s alive.. well, that would freak anyone out.

The first couple days were hard and she was basically back in the crib, but luckily she liked the bed and the room. It was just hard to get used to. Then I got the brilliant idea to move her stuffed animals in there and some toys like I was going to do anyway. That helped, like 50%. I was happy, but it was still tough. At around day three,  I was able to get her to take a full nap in the crib.. SUCCESS! But the main issue was: when could we get her out of the crib officially and out of our room?

We were sleeping with her in the same room now and I thought this would go on until we had to leave in another week or so. I just didn’t know what to do with all of this regret, sadness and anxiety, but I kept moving forward.

After a couple days, I wrote my mom’s lists, talked to friends, and got some wonderful advice. I felt better and now had some tools to work with. I brought out my trusty “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” book that hadn’t been opened in a year and a half, and that was helpful too, but still not helping the situation 100%.

After talking to my husband, he had the idea to sit in the room with her until she fell asleep. I was VERY leery about this as so many people told me not to do it at all as then they expect you to be in there and you are back at square one. But I let him take the lead on this one, as I was getting somewhere with the naps, but not overnights. It was time to pass the torch.

That night Jackie slept thru the night in her own bed and didn’t get up once! Joe was in there for almost an hour an a half, but he calmed her down and she felt comfortable enough to sleep. But the big question was, would it continue?

We were highly successful on naps, which was great, and continued our own methods for the overnights. Last night, which I believe was night 7, we had success. My husband put her to bed, she only came out once and then she was out.

During all this time, I had also been playing with the length of her naps and activity during the day. At least it was all becoming clearer.

So now, we have a solid plan, her room is almost fully completed, most of the house is liveable and I’m not anxious anymore. As with all of these things “this too shall pass,” but as I’ve been telling everyone.. I get it, but WHEN??

I guess there is no answer to that and for the next big transition I just have to remember that it will pass and we will work it out. I just have to keep my mind in check when it fast forwards weeks and weeks of misery and it hasn’t even happened yet!

For those that are reading this and I’ve reached out to you, THANK YOU for your advice, kind words or just checking in. Although this wasn’t a huge ordeal, it could have been and I’m thankful that I’m not ashamed to ask for help. This is definitely one place where I have grown throughout my years and thankfully it allowed for some great success this week.

Onward and Upward!

Four months and counting


(Originally written: December 5, 2009)

I may not be able to write daily, but seeing that I write another blog on Jackie’s picture site, I thought I would just post that same one here with a few updates. Here’s one I just wrote:

Jackie turned 4 months old November 29. When I was taking a walk with her the other day on a beautiful (and oddly warm) afternoon, I realized that a year ago I was pregnant. We had just found out and hadn’t even told anyone yet! And now, here we are with a beautiful baby girl, who is growing, learning and exploring every day!

She received her 4 month shots this past Monday and it went better than expected. It seems that she knows what “the doctors” is as when her ped was doing the basic exam Jax was screaming. She actually screamed more during the exam than when she got the shots! Her ped even said, “she seems to be very aware of her surroundings.” I totally agree with that, as with anything new, it looks like she is studying it and making mental notes.

I told Joe this evening, that although she may not remember small details, I do think she is remembering basic concepts and making connections.. such as when she has met one of our friends a number of times and recognizes her, or with this doctor example, when she lays down and sees a mirror to her left, she knows she’s somewhere where unpleasant things may happen (such as shots, or being cold). It’s pretty cool to watch although it does pain me when she is so upset.

On that note.. following up with her weight conundrum, it seems as though she has gained weight steadily since November 11 when I took her in for her weight check. We have been supplementing (either with expressed milk or formula) and she went from the 16th %tile to 21st %tile in a matter of a couple of weeks. Her ped was happy and acknowledged me for the result.

I also found out the possible reason for her weight stabilizing.. sleeping thru the night. It didn’t even occur to me as she was gaining weight by exclusively breastfeeding from month 1 to 2, but right after that was when she started sleeping thru the night fairly regular. It would have been great for the first nurse that I spoke to at her peds office to tell me that she may be missing a feeding in there if she’s sleeping thru and to make sure she’s getting X ounces of milk during the day, but no one told me this until I met with her doc at the 4 month appointment. I happened to mention that she was sleeping thru the night and she said “already?” I said that she had been for the past month and a half or so and she said that maybe that was the issue.. if she was nursing the same amount of time and not being more efficient in her feeding, she was not getting enough ounces. Duh.

I then did some other research with a couple books I use often, and found the sleeping thru the night issue associated with slow weight gain. Joe reminded me that I had stopped reading books and getting advice around that time as it was all conflicting! I just wish I had gone back to my trusted 2 books that I have used since the beginning.. it would have saved me a lot of worry, heartache and upset over the past couple months. These are the things I hope to pass along to other moms and friends with new babies. I’d hate for someone to go thru the same things I have if it can be avoided. As an aside, it seems that most kids will wake 1-2 times per night until about 9 months. So why is it that everyone asks you if your kid is sleeping thru the night starting at about 2 months old???? I just don’t get it.

But in the end, Jackie is thriving and doing well. She’s laughing up a storm, is more involved with her playgym and just recently started sucking her toes! She’s also rolling from back to front more now, although I think she has forgotten how to roll from front to back as she was doing just the other day! I think once she is able to put both of them together, we’ll see her sitting up in no time.

Last, we are traveling to MN for the Christmas holiday and I’m trying not to stress about that as well. Right now, we’re just trying to get everything in place on our end and also make sure we have an entire nursery set up at my in-laws place! It’s so generous of her and for Joe’s cousin to allow us to borrow so much stuff. It will be just like home 🙂

In other news, we just got our first real Christmas tree today and in all honesty we got it because of Jackie 🙂 First real tree and first true snow fall today. I do have to say it was beautiful.

Sick and tired of…


(Original post: November 23, 2009)

.. worrying about:

-Wet and dirty diapers
-Milk supply
-Play dates
-No play dates
-Feeling human again
-Dates with my husband
-How to cook dinner tired
-Health and well-being
-Working out
-Losing weight
-Gaining weight
-My hair
-My skin
-My friends not being around as much
-People thinking “I’m busy” all the time
-Dealing with doctors
-Dealing with nurses
-Scales of any kind
-Winter and how to get around
-H1N1 and getting the shot
-Making sure we have everything we need when traveling and away
-Christmas cards and gifts
-Hurting people’s feelings
-Not doing enough
-Being my word
-My life
-How to be happy

What my life will look like… ever.