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I Need a Break


Holy Crap.

Today was probably one of the worst days I’ve had with my daughter since she was a month old. She’s 6.5 months now. I know this age brings a lot of changes, not to mention she was sick with a headcold all weekend.. but even with that being said.. there were times I wanted to throw her out the window, or better yet, throw myself out.

I still haven’t figured out what the deal was.. she was cranky all day, whiny, crying while she ate, fussed every time I changed her diaper.. the only time she was fine was drinking her bottle, on our walk today and in her bath. Other than that, it was borderline hell.

It’s highly possible it was me. Was I putting out some negative energy?

I was dreading today, in a way, because my husband was going to a show tonight at the House of Blues. I wasn’t jealous (although I am now!), but that meant that I was with Jax for 14 hours straight. This may not be a big deal for some moms, but I have a wonderful husband that has a great work schedule, so it always balances out. Usually when it hits the 9 hour mark, he’s either home or about to be.. ends up I can rest a little bit, step away, take a breath.. but today.. well, I had to deal with all the ups and downs (mostly downs) on my own.

These are the times when I really have compassion for the single parents out there.. although I don’t dare say “I understand,” I can at least get a snapshot of what they must deal with. I know I am blessed to have a wonderful partner and friends that support me and days like this make me think about all the other moms out there and what we all do, what we sacrifice, for our families.

But right now, I’m finally getting some well needed (and deserved) quiet. Jax finally stopped crying, has fallen asleep and now I’m trying to de-stress.. and trying not to think about doing all of this again.. and oh yeah, we are getting a major storm tomorrow, which more than likely means we’re stuck in the house.. again.

As I take a deep breath, I will end here. I love my daughter, but how to get thru another day like this?? I need suggestions!