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Up and Down; In and Out


No, this blog is not about sex 🙂 I just keep having this thought about the people in my life and how the relationships are up and down, in and out, all over the place.

I’m fairly certain this only started after I had my daughter. I also think I feel this way as I have a lot of new people in my life–new moms, new families, new babies, etc. and don’t have a stable, constant place where I see the same people everyday (i.e., work). I realized just today that I hadn’t had this many new people in my life since starting college. Am I just out of practice in talking to and meeting people?

I know I have my own issues and “stories” of why people don’t respond to emails or “fill in the blank,” but I think I’m a decent person to be around. Sure, I have been saying stupid things more and more due to mom-brain and just being nervous about saying the wrong thing, but is it really that bad? Am I that annoying?

I constantly have to keep reminding myself that all these new folks I am meeting have their own lives, their own challenges and most of those challenges are new to them and their families. I’m lucky that I don’t have work in the mix, but I know most of the new moms I have met have had to go back. It’s hard to even imagine working no less having a new baby, keeping up with email and trying to keep my marriage in tact.. AND creating new friendships and playdates!

My wish for all new moms is that we could talk more, share more. I am part of a couple groups where they are closer and share at least over email, but also tend to meet a bit more often. As the summer has neared, however, I’m seeing less and less interaction. WHAT IS THIS ABOUT?? All I can do is sit here and speculate, which really gets me no where.

I have decided, I think it’s time for me to LIVE. I just turned 40, I have a baby who’s a lot of fun to play with and summer is here, so it’s time to get out there and enjoy life! I know that sounds fairly simple, but most of my life has been full of work or school or dating or analyzing “fill in the blank.” It’s time, it’s time.

I’m still going to reach out, but I think I need to just CHILL and put things in perspective. Easier said than done, but to enjoy life, I’ll have to make those changes.

For anyone reading (mom, dad, etc.), have you had this issue of people coming in and out of your life and bit more often than usual? Why do you think that happens?