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I got nothin’


I should be napping, but why bother when you really only have a half hour? I’m sure I’ll be dreading it later.

Another weird week–Jax still a bit off from the MMR shot. That thing really got her. Nothing horribly bad, but a few hours of fever and days of sleep. On one level it was good; I got to sleep more. But DH and I were starting to worry. I actually called the doc yesterday, and of course because there’s no fever or major decrease in appetite, it’s time to wait. It’s the line I get 99.9% of the time. I wonder why I keep calling.

Due to all this sleeping, we missed our playgroup yesterday. I considered it today, but we have music class. She loves it. We’ll make the sleep up later today or maybe we are back to normal? What is normal anyway?

These are the times where I consider being a mom “hard.” The not knowing of what to expect at any given moment, but I think I’m getting used to that “place.” There’s really not much you can do anyway, so I might as well roll with the punches than get all anxious and worried. It’s hard sometimes, but I’m definitely in a place I thought I’d never be able to achieve.

Oh well.. sorry for the rambling and semi-boring blog this morning. Trying to get those daily blogs in is tough.. I got nothin’ 🙂

We missed music class. Couldn’t wake the girl even after turning the light on, saying her name a million times and even tapping her a bit. I took that as a sign that she’d rather sleep than dance 🙂 Another makeup class is in our future…



No I’m not talking about the show, I’m talking about what I’m filled with 🙂

I missed writing again yesterday. I was proud of myself on many levels, but totally forgot to write. I was able to get a bit of sleep as my little one is still recouping a bit from her MMR shot. Poor kid. I think I will call her doc tomorrow just to check to see if this excessive sleeping is normal. Or I could just enjoy it and move on 🙂

I got a 4 mile run in (training for a 10K now) yesterday morning and then got ready to head to CT. Why CT? Well, one of my favorite comics, or two of them, were playing at Mohegan Sun arena last night, Dane Cook and Al Del Bene. I’ve followed these guys since 2001 and it’s been a blast watching them evolve. It also doesn’t hurt that I get the VIP treatment just about every time I see them and it’s even better when Al is on tour with Dane 🙂 Because I know Al from the small venue level, he’s really good to me. I can honestly say that I’m his #1 fan. He will attest to that. Over the years, I’ve gotten people to listen to his stuff, started fan pages and all that stuff. He’s very appreciative. Due to all that, he was able to get my friend and I back stage and it was a blast. I love seeing him and Dane also now knows me by name and it’s such an honor. We got to hug, chat, laugh.. just an amazing night.

I will post pics later as I didn’t get to upload them yet, but wanted to get this note in before I left.. heading to an in-store performance of a past-local-Boston-musician-now-turned-LA-musician, Bleu. I love knowing these guys for years.. makes me feel oh so important 🙂