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Sick and tired of…


(Original post: November 23, 2009)

.. worrying about:

-Wet and dirty diapers
-Milk supply
-Play dates
-No play dates
-Feeling human again
-Dates with my husband
-How to cook dinner tired
-Health and well-being
-Working out
-Losing weight
-Gaining weight
-My hair
-My skin
-My friends not being around as much
-People thinking “I’m busy” all the time
-Dealing with doctors
-Dealing with nurses
-Scales of any kind
-Winter and how to get around
-H1N1 and getting the shot
-Making sure we have everything we need when traveling and away
-Christmas cards and gifts
-Hurting people’s feelings
-Not doing enough
-Being my word
-My life
-How to be happy

What my life will look like… ever.