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American Idol, Pia and the Buzz


I knew there would be a lot of buzz today about Pia getting voted off Idol last night.. well, more than a lot.

I just read a few blogs on this, but this one made me head over here to blog.. and fast.

A voting problem? Well, I can’t say there isn’t, but in my opinion, America may have gotten it right again last night. At this point in the game, the weaker contestants will be gone 1-2-3. That’s what happened to Thia and Naima last week. America got it right. Thia was just getting eaten up by the show and the competition. In her case, her age got her and Naima just wasn’t a “fit” for the show and I think a lot of the viewing population didn’t “get her.” I did, but 40 somethings are not a large population of viewers. Would I have loved to see her win or get farther? Sure. But was she one of the best singers, no.

I do have to say that last night was a surprise for me, as Pia was destined to win the thing. I mean, look at her. Perfect body, perfect voice, singing since she was four, comfortable on stage, articulate and great fashion sense. Here’s what I think happened.. and it’s what the judges always say.. song choice, song choice, song choice.

Last week’s theme was “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.” She had hundreds of songs to choose from. But what does she choose? A Tina Turner song that even I wasn’t familiar with, “River Deep – Mountain High.” She sounded great, but it was boring. She didn’t do anything with it, not many people knew the song (except maybe Randy) and I knew she’d be in the bottom three the next day. Was I the only one?

Here’s Tina’s version:

Fast forward to last night, it wasn’t a huge surprise to me that she was in the bottom three with that song. The deal with this season is at least they found really talented singers, but now they are stuck with ALL of them being amazing. There are some that stick out as “better,” but it’s all about the song choice and if they end up having a good night that night, or if they’re not sick, or “_______.” At this point, unfortunately, it will be a popularity contest. We’ve already been warned (as we are every season, every week) to be sure to vote for your favorite as no one is safe–no one.

I now feel like I’m getting a small glimpse into Simon Cowell’s mind and really seeing his reasoning on choosing some people over others during try outs and in Hollywood Week. In past seasons, it’s been obvious that there were amazing singers that didn’t get picked and we all wondered why.. well.. we now have the answer, or at least one.

I think Simon was always looking at the show, numbers and what would have people continue to tune in. He was looking at the big picture. We may not like that context, but in the end, this is a TV show. With the new judges, minus Simon, their context was finding the best singer. Was this wrong? No. But their view was smaller. I don’t think they were looking at the show.. they were focusing on the kids and getting them a record contract.

Good or bad, we are now “stuck” with 8 extraordinary singers. I love hearing each of them sing and finding out what they will bring to the table with arrangements, but as we move farther along in the show, I think they all may be a bit tentative in bringing uniqueness to their performances. Why? They’ll want to play it safe. All of them know any of them could win this. If Pia got voted off, anyone can. Especially since deep down inside, I think each of them knew that Pia would win it all.

I was waiting last night for someone to give up their spot. It’s never happened before. But in this case, one of them should have. You can’t tell me that Jacob or Paul, for example, think they can win this on vocal ability. Don’t get me wrong, their voices are unique, but they are not American Idol winners (sorry to those that are huge fans). I’m a huge Casey fan, but he would be the one I could see giving up his spot. He already almost left the show, he was feeling guilty that the save was used on him, it would have been perfect TV.

In the end, he was going on tour anyway, he’ll have a record contract either way and he would have left as a name that no one would forget as he gave up his spot for the better hopeful. Just perfect.

But that didn’t happen.

I’m wondering what the producers are saying right now. Ironically, I just went to the American Idol website and they don’t have the banner on Pia’s picture that says “voted off.” Makes a girl wonder.

Many have said there’s a major issue with the voting process on the show including the blog link I shared above. You can vote a number of ways and as many times as you want pretty much. There’s people who are haters of the show who have a contest where they vote for the WORST singer to see if they can stay on the show. Although there will always be those people, if there was a limit on how many times you could vote (other shows have that rule in place) I think it would end up a bit more fair and accurate.

But for now, there’s no way they will change any voting structure until next season. It wouldn’t be fair to the past contestants and it would show some sort of “failure” with the Idol voting process in general. And we wouldn’t want to show the reality of this on a REALITY SHOW would we?? Wow, do I smell lawsuit on that one.

So in the end, I’m shocked, but not floored about the Pia departure. The song wasn’t the best choice, she veered away from what she does best (ballads) and got sucked into what the judges kept telling her. What she should have listened to was America and their fast fingers. All those other weeks she was in the game, then she changes it up and she’s gone.

To the other contestants, I say this: “Follow your heart and gut. You know what’s right.”

Needless to say, the show has an interesting twist starting next week and for that alone, people will continue to watch. Oh the drama! American Idol, how I love you!

Final conclusions


Well, here it is. The last day of the month and the official (or unofficial?) NaBloPoMo conclusion day. I do have to say I learned a lot about my writing, creativity, dedication and interest in writing. Although I didn’t write every day like we were “supposed to,” the writing or non-writing of this blog had me thinking about why I wrote or didn’t write in the first place. I will say that I’ll continue to do my best to write daily, but I learned that writing daily really didn’t get me more hits or reads of this blog as I had intended.

As a plus, this month I did get myself involved in a couple of blogging groups, which I don’t think I would have done otherwise. I created a Facebook page for my Mama Bird Blog and also a separate Twitter account. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many followers on my new Twitter account in such a short time. Finding others thru those folks also widened my audience and increased ways for me to get out there to learn more about mom bloggers and blogging in general.

I still haven’t figured out how I want to focus this blog. I guess I already have a focus: myself and my daughter. But I have to be honest with myself–my life is not that spectacular that people would keep returning to read about my day. I have read so many blogs over the past month and tried to find myself in them, or even writing them. I just can’t find a particular ongoing passion (as I’m passionate about many things) and tend to write when the passion hits on any particular subject.

What I do know is that I tend to be quite different in my thinking than a lot of moms, or people, I should say. When 99% of the population agrees on something, there’s me on the other end creeping in a corner so I don’t get screamed at or looked at like I’m the anti-Christ. With that being said, I know there needs to be a voice for people like me/us, but in all honesty I have a thin skin. I wish I had  thicker skin, but I do care about what people think of me. I don’t want to be labeled as a particular person because of one particular view. So, I could make a mark, but at what cost?

I haven’t found any blogs like I would like to write, probably because I haven’t found a ton of people that think like me. I’m not trying to be egotistical or elitist in any way, but as I thinking about my life since I was a teenager, I see now why I was left so confused at times. I’ve held my tongue most of my l ife because I want to fit in, but part of me just wants to yell from the rooftops “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??”

I will give a quick example of a topic I heard on The Talk this afternoon (the new all women talk show started by Sharon Osbourne). The topic was “co-sleeping.” I first found it quite odd that many in the audience had not even heard of this term. I guess if I wasn’t a mom maybe I wouldn’t know, but in my opinion, you’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard about this. Basically, the panel was  on one side of the other. As Julie Chen said: “Who in the audience thinks co-sleeping is WRONG and who thinks it’s RIGHT?” Caps are there for a reason. Right and wrong? I have so many issues here. Although I appreciate Attachment Parenting and co-sleeping, our family doesn’t subscribe to it entirely. But do I think it’s WRONG? NO! Everyone has a right to do what they feel is right in their own home and for their family. For me, it’s just like religion: feel free to do what you want in your free time, but don’t push it on me. That doesn’t mean you can’t talk about it, but I’d rather have an adult conversation about something rather than someone pointing at me saying that I’m corrupting my child because I don’t let her sleep in the bed with us!

I like the fact that they talked about it on the show and even gave some stats, but right and wrong?

My daughter just turned 16 months yesterday and what I’ve learned as a parent over this time is that we ALL do things differently. Why? BECAUSE EACH CHILD IS DIFFERENT! I have two friends that subscribe to total Attachment Parenting and it worked for them, then there’s me and others that don’t and it works fabulous for us. I don’t believe anyone is “right or wrong” in this situation, it’s really what is right for that family. So, if a kid takes longer to sleep by themselves because the co-slept for 2+ years, then that is on the family. Let them deal with it. And, it’s highly possible it won’t be an issue anyway.

And, one last point as this is my blog and this annoyed me.. for someone as intelligent as Julie Chen is, it surprised and embarrassed me to think that one of her reasons for not co-sleeping with her child is that she would roll over onto her baby and smother them. Really? There are so many devices like this one that give you more freedom and peace of mind, that shouldn’t even be an issue. I found her reasoning a cop-out and I felt embarrassed for her. This is TV in the end, and maybe she was saying what she thought other parents would think, but come on. She lost points for me there.

As you can see, I am passionate about a few things and there are things I feel comfortable talking about, but some of the major issues that have come up in the media lately (parent or non-parent related) are just tough to talk about, especially with my views. I guess the next time something critical comes up in the media I’ll try to find a story or blog that has my views to see if I could write such a thing. I guess that is my next task.

So there’s my blogging month training program in a nutshell. I learned a lot, thought a lot, got creative, got in action, joined a few groups and feel on my way. I still have a long way to go and I think next year I’ll be looking for a blog/writing mentor, but at least I have some outlets now to find such a person. I feel good about it and it seems like a lot of fun 🙂 Maybe one day you’ll see me on one of these talk shows.. AND saying what I really want to say to the world without being ashamed or embarrassed.

Here’s to blogging in 2011!!!

What do you all think about what I wrote? Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts!