Writing About Writing


It’s been a LONG time since I’ve written here. I just posted on my personal blog and linked this one. As I came over to determine if I wanted to change the look and such,Ā  I saw that I had about 8 views in the last 15 minutes. That told me I had to write something šŸ™‚

There’s so much that has gone on since April of this year with my family, my daughter and myself and I’m not going to even try to rehash all those things, but let’s just say they will come in time.

For now, the small updates these days are my daughter just turned 27 months and is a true toddler. I love this age and love her to death. She’s funny, smart and independant. I’ve been waiting for this age since WAY before I had kids.. even before I even thought about marriage. I just love that toddlers are more like “little people” and you can finally communicate with them in a way you both understand. I know I will miss this age a lot as time goes on, but for now, I’m doing all I can to enjoy her. We go to three classes a week, the park quite often and I’m teaching her a bit of Spanish. She still signs when she really wants something and I find that extremely cool.

She loves her routine (just like mom) and our weeks are quite fun. I’m finally getting to the place of saying that this is better than work. That in itself is a great thing šŸ™‚


However, as I wrote in my other blog, I do recall why I stopped writing. I had gotten a HUGE energy spike earlier this year from finding other local bloggers and mom bloggers. I went to a few events, as I wanted to see if I could actually have a “job” writing blogs. Although the events were OK, I wasn’t blown away. I met some really great people, but unfortunately, none of those people were really using their blogs for monetary use. Most had just started (a lot like me) and didn’t have the monetary part as an end goal.

As with many things I’ve done in my life, I got very frustrated after putting a lot of energy into something and when it didn’t work as quickly as I’d like, I give up or pull away. I could probably go back into my calendar and look at when the last meeting was and when I stopped writing to find the correlation.

It’s no one’s fault other than mine and I guess that needed to happen. I have other things I like to put energy into and places where things (or people) take my time. This is a choice, but I always think I can take on a lot for a small amount of time. Usually that is not the case.

So for now, I’ll be back just writing about my life and what’s going on, my opinions and thoughts on things. I do love to write, but when I lose the context of why I love it, the frustration happens and I “quit.”

But, for the 10th time, maybe I will take on a game to write daily, either here or on my personal blog, to see what shows up. It’s worth a shot šŸ™‚

About Kathy G

Iā€™m simple, yet complicated. Music is the Soundtrack of my life. I'm always looking for the next best thing and stuff that I haven't heard. I consider myself: Cool, intense, passionate, love people until they piss me off--then love them again. I'm dedicated, honest and one of the best friends you can have (or I do my best to be). Tap dancing is my newest passion. I love my soulmate and husband, Joe, with everything I am. My dreams? This seems to change from month to month, but I'd like to be the following: A Solid Gold Dancer, Contestant on The Gong Show, Madonna for a day, Dance all night at Studio54 in 1978, Travel around with Motley Crue in 1986, Open a kick ass dance club in NYC, Produce an album at Paisley Park, Cause world peace to be possible, be a millionaire so I can give away a lot of money to causes that need it, and win a Grammy. But most of all, I would like to feel at peace and make a profound difference in the world doing something I love.

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