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Writing a request type of blog is not normal here, but with so many new and amazing parents I have met lately, I thought ya’ll could help me with some of my anxieties.

Here’s the deal:

I’m going a bit crazy with some of the stuff that my daughter is up to. Luckily, she’s a happy and amazing 19 month old. She’s healthy and learning so much every minute.. but Houston, we have an drinking problem.

We’ve been having a hard time weaning her from the bottle for a number of reasons. I can’t say she’s “addicted” to the bottle, but she never seemed to like sippy cups. When she was 12 months old, I had her try a real straw and she sucked thru it flawlessly. From there, I got her a straw cup (one of the big ones where it’s easy to suck from), and I found out that kids closer to 2 were supposed to have those. Who knew?

In any case, we were happy about that early transition and had water in the cup to start with. We were still using bottles for milk, but over time I bought, literally, 10 different sippies. She hated all of them EXCEPT the straw cup that we originally got her. One day, I have a GREAT IDEA to put milk in the cup she used to drink water from–BAD IDEA. She was expecting water when she sipped and when she got milk she refused it. Luckily I was able to get her to drink water out of it after a few days. I told myself I would never try to trick this child ever again.

I did find another similar straw cup (different color) and put milk in there. Again, a few sips, and refusal. I had been putting it off a bit, even though I knew her pediatrician would tell me to get her off the bottle at our next visit (he likes them to be off the bottle at 18 months).

During that appointment he told me to take one bottle away per week to wean her (first lunch, then morning, then night). Put milk in a sippy in place of the deleted bottle. He said that it was possible she may protest, but to keep doing it. We’d be transitioned in 4 weeks. Ha. I should have just laughed there and talked about another plan because I knew that wouldn’t work.

Later that week, I took away the lunch bottle and found one cup that she actually liked.. the Sip and Toss. You know, the ones that cost $3.99 for 5? I probably bought $40 in cups and she likes those. So.. I thought I was in the clear, but found that it was more of a novelty. I think once I was able to get her to drink 3 oz  from noon to dinner (nap was in there). And once again, I thought we were at a turning point. But now, she basically doesn’t drink milk at all in the afternoon.

I can’t figure out if she’s very aware that she will get the evening bottle and just holds off? But the question is.. why? Does she not like milk? I was allergic when I got to be about 2. Is she full from meals (we always give her milk after meals). I’m not sure what the deal is.

I do give her other full fat dairy during the day (yogurt, cheese, butter), but another switch was her not eating plain cheese anymore (she used to eat a cheese stick a day) so I have to put cheese or other related dairy in other foods.


I’m nervous about this milk situation as I assume that she NEEDS this for healthy bones, teeth, and to put on some weight (she was in the 30%ile when we last were there and hardly gained anything from 15-18 months), but there’s not much I can do other than offer it to her.

I’ve avoided doing the chocolate or strawberry additions as I don’t want her to get addicted to the sugar taste.

My fear is that once we are straight to cups (due to illness I basically stopped at the lunch cup back in January.. I’ve now moved some of the morning bottle to a cup), I’m not sure she will drink milk at all.. and if so, very little.

Her doc says she needs 22-24 oz of dairy a day. When she has both her bottles she gets that in combo with other stuff, but taking that away.. not sure. I have been told that eventually she may crave it and I have seen that in her at times, but if she doesn’t, what to do?

I know it’s not the end of the world as there are many kids who are allergic to milk or lactose intolerant and others who are on a vegan diet, etc., but we are on the Standard American diet and this is what our plan has been.

I’m looking for suggestions and advice. Do I just do what the doc said and not stress about it? Do I add something to the milk? Add other full fat dairy until we figure out a plan? Water it down with Pedialite?

Any and all suggestions welcomed!




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  1. We had tons of struggles with this issue because M was a heart baby and didn’t want to eat, period. So we let her pick new cups — finally found these rectangular ones with rounded sides that she liked to hold. I might tell her the bottles all have to go away to help a new baby, and she needs to use the big girl cups — let her pack them up with you and send them off so she knows they aren’t an option.

  2. Couple of thoughts:

    1. You need to get her off the bottle. Nowish.
    2. She can do without milk and even cheese. You may have to add a supplement, but you can work on that. PJ didn’t like milk for the longest time and still only drinks small amounts at any one time. She eats part skim, non-sweetened yogurt so we’re lucky in that respect, and you will find something she will eat. We give PJ a supplement every day (or at least the days we remember).
    3. Our doc said to switch off full fat at one but with yours being under weight you may want to stick with it.
    4. You may want to try a real glass for the milk. She may like it that way instead of the sippy. That’s the way PJ started drinking it. She never would take it out of any sippy or straw based cup.

    Hope that helps.


    • Thanks Mark! I’m trying not to worry about the milk itself.. it’s just something her ped has been pushing.. I’m fine with combining things and that may be what the trick is. As I said in my post, I didn’t like milk after 2. I still don’t drink it, not due to any allergy, but it just doesn’t taste good to me. I eat everything else with milk, just don’t like it as a drink. We’ll be sticking to the full fat stuff for a while. Joe was a stringbean growing up and she got that part of his build. I’m not worried about the fat, it’s the vitamins that milk provides. She’s tending to be picky, but that is toddlers I guess.. every day is different on what food she wants and doesn’t. I will try the real glass, but that defeats the purpose of her drinking it throughout the day. I can’t follow her around with a topless cup.

      Lettergirl: what is a “heart baby”?

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