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If I Had A Million Dollars…


I received my TwitterMoms newsletter today that included a commenting contest. Seeing that I’ve thought about this question a lot, I thought I would answer it AND post it here 🙂 It was fun to think about and who knows? I may win a $100 gift card to!

Q: What would you do if you suddenly woke up and had $1 Million?

First, I’d stop myself from fainting. Second, I would check my bank account to make sure the money was actually mine 🙂 After all that, I’d celebrate and do the following!

*Plan an amazing evening and surprise my husband with a limo picking him up from work and bringing us to a great meal (with our new nanny watching our daughter of course 🙂

*Pay off our mortgage so we could live where we really want to live. Dream big, but live humbly.

*Plan a family and friend reunion and pay for all to attend. Preferably somewhere warm.

*Get myself into law school.

*Meet all the celebrities I’ve ever wanted to meet and let them know how much they have influenced and inspired my life.

*Open a music school for kids that includes lessons, day care, music therapy.

*Give a large chunk to Save the Music Foundation and other notable charities.

*Literally travel the world (and finally get to participate in the African Safari I’ve wanted to do for 15 years!).

*Most of all, enjoy life the way I dream life to be.. relax, love and laugh.. a lot 🙂