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Are You Ready for Some Football??!


Ahhh Football Season. How I love thee.. let’s not count the ways.

Every year at this time, my husband has that gleam in his eye, huge smile about his face.. and the jerseys come out to play. That’s how I know it’s Football Season. Well, actually, I know a bit earlier as he watches the draft in the Summer and runs a Fantasy Football League that starts in August, but I mostly know when there’s the first Thursday game and he’s counting down the days (or minutes) till kick off.

It’s always been a mixed blessing for me. I definitely like my “me” time and this extra time has allowed me to do things I wouldn’t normally do, or basically I don’t have to “ask” to go do whatever it was because he was in front of the TV all day on Sunday watching games. But now, things have changed a bit due to Jax.

For example, last year was interesting. Jax was a newborn and I basically thought I’d be imprisoned here in the condo, forced to watch football on the only TV we have, while waiting to see when she wanted to be fed. It turned out that my DH was more than willing to share time, and in fact, she was  with him upstairs at our neighbors much of the season. (So, yes, people that are anti-TV, my little, baby daughter logged over 100 hours of prime time sacks, but at least Mom got some time to chill out!) Granted she slept a lot of the time, but overall, it was good for everyone.

Fast forward to this year, we now have a full-blown Toddler (yes, the capital T is intentional). She’s still awesome as ever, but now, really doesn’t sleep 20 hours a day. She’s got her naps, but this year will be challenging. Luckily, my DH’s best football buddy is also our upstairs neighbor, so that means she’s there, or she’s sleeping here in our place while he has the monitor upstairs (yup, we have a small place).

In the end, it really says a lot about our partnership and marriage. Rarely do either of us say no to requests and when a “no” does come up, it’s discussed. It still may be a mixed blessing and I’ll continue to get some of my “me” time, such as tonight. Baby is sleeping, DH is upstairs–I get to write a blog. Not that it wouldn’t have happened anyway, but hearing the crickets outside our window on this almost Fall night vs. hearing screaming fans on TV and watching my husband be Jr. Field Ref makes it a much easier environment to write in.

Part of me feels badly by writing all this.. I don’t mean to make my husband look horrible in any way. Football is his passion and I’m glad he has one. I’ve got my own passions (or heavy likes) and 99% of the time I get to do them, even during football season. I am very lucky that I have a man that respects my time and space (seeing that we live in such a small one), so I really can’t complain.

Luckily for him though, the Red Sox season is basically over (don’t even talk to me about that) so sharing the TV after a couple weeks won’t be much of a problem and we won’t have to throw down to determine who will watch what at what time. But like I said: “mixed blessing.” I’ll continue to create “being surprised” at what may come up this season and maybe I’ll have that gleam in my eye and smile on my face sometime this Fall, but unfortunately for my DH, it won’t be about football 🙂 Sorry, honey!

My Happy and Healthy Contract III


I wrote this August 20 and totally forgot to post it here!

Since July flew by with trips, birthday parties, live shows and just enjoying summer, I realized earlier this month that the fitness goal date I declared was July 1. Not that anyone was keeping track or wondering what happened, but here’s the skinny, as it were 🙂

Main point: I did not meet my goal.

This doesn’t “mean” anything, but I do need to declare this. At the time, the goal was doable but aggressive. I know myself well enough to create a more aggressive goal so I at least work at my best to meet it. With all the being said, I’m happy with my results thus far and I’ve been surprised at myself regarding keeping the goal present and just continuing with the plan—especially running!

I’ve also found that the Y’s “Big Board” of results that Ispoke about before really works for me. Last month, July, was “bad,” as I just didn’t keep up with the plan. Crazy enough, I still made the board but in the top 40 rather than in the top 5 that I declared back in May.

Here are some of the results (mostly for me, so humor me here). Unfortunately the website can only give me last month’s stats and the current month (or this year), so I’ll start with July stats. I’ll work on getting the other months when I go to the Y next time.

(Fitpoints = combo of activity and cals burned, Fitlinxx awards points)
(Standing = females at my facility only, top 50 listed on board)

Fitpoints = 3863 (Standing = 44 / 84th percentile)
Calories = 4365 (Standing = 39 / 86th percentile)

AUGUST (current as of 8/20)
Fitpoints = 4329 (Standing 18 / 93rd percentile)
Calories = 4908 (Standing = 23 / 91st percentile)

As you can see, I’ve already done more work this month than I did all last month. After logging all my info, I saw that I’ve only missed 2-3 days this month doing no activity. This actually works out if I was to do something at least 6 times a week. YEA!

Below are the updates on my plan.

March 25, 2010 GOAL:
Lose 12 pounds by July 1. Feel good to be in a bikini again:)

AS OF 8.20.10:
Lost 7

This did not change unfortunately since my last posting in June. YIKES! Luckily I haven’t gained. I HAVE officially gone down a dress size though and am toning like crazy due to running. This is one of the first times in my life I actually like my thighs 🙂

Lose 5 pounds by October 1

1. Workout at least 5X per week (min 45 minutes)–work to 6x per week or more. Find times I can actually schedule in calendar.

I have not scheduled everything into my calendar, but have found the initiative to go to the Y, yoga, walk, run outside on my own. This in itself a major win and the same as my last posting. I ran twice while on vacation and did my best to walk places, but we also ate a lot (kudos to the Nook burger in MN :). August has been a better month all around.

2. 50 situps a day minimum.

This has not happened. I have implemented a “star program” where I put a star on the calendar each day I do this. It does encourage me, but I may need to get more in the mode of “situps when I think about it” and see how that goes. April I did extremely well with this. Once I got sick in May, it fell off my radar unless I was at the Y or yoga.

This, too, is the same as the last entry. It’s not like I don’t have the time to do this so I think I have to schedule it or just do it when I think about it. Probably in the afternoon when Jackie takes her nap.

3. When out walking, etc. do not buy food (drinks are OK if tea or low fat).

Drinks are great here, food not. To make my walks worth it, I need to cut out any sweets here.. tough but doable.

4. Reduce sugar in diet slowly.

This I feel I have done. I don’t have much of a craving forsugar, but still need to keep an eye on this and keep track a bit more.

5. Take out sugary breakfasts 2X per week, each week. Allowed one sugary breakfast a week in the end.

Took this out completely and had no issues. Still on track with this.

6. Meet with fitness director at YMCA to go over fit program at gym within next 2 weeks (3 free).

I did this in April and found a great trainer there that I connected with. Went twice and still have the last free one to use. I realized the other day at the gym that I still have my third session to use! Will schedule this ASAP at the Y.. hope to go this weekend.

7. When walking, increase rate of walking. Add additional loop when possible (around neighborhood or walk farther into town).

I don’t think I have upped the rate of my walking, but have found alternate routes where I do at least 2 miles on any given walk. Many of the 3-4 mile walks include hills.

8. Look to set up a mom/baby walk once a week to walk with a group.

This has not happened, but it hasn’t been an issue as far as not having me walk. This summer has also been very hot and long walks are not so doable. My hope is in the fall I’ll get together with more folks to do this.

9. Make sure I have greens at lunch and dinner.

Have not had greens/salads for lunch and dinner. Tends to happen once a day.

10. Focus on healthy meals, even if they need to be quick.

This has been tougher as we tend to eat dinner late. “Healthy” to start would be “make at home.” Even mac n’ cheese at home (we use organic brands) is better than picking up McDonalds. Continually want to make a food calendar but not inspired to do it. Need suggestions on quick, healthy meals. Please post in comments with ideas.

11. Snack wisely (go for fruits and veggies instead of sugar or processed snacks).

Definitely have been focusing on grabbing fruit, granola bars. Making fruit salad more often. Have been focused on low fat/healthier snacks when needed.

12. Record daily food and activity on the iPhone app I paid for 🙂

I have not been doing this. I think I have felt OK about food and honestly have been eating much less since I was sick. Bad thing is that I’m not eating if I don’t find anything good. Need to have some sort of healthy snack list to go by even if I do have to skip a meal.

Things to add:
* Signup for first 5K!! One listed at Y for October 30!
* Additional weekly yoga
* Additional weekly runs
* Complete my Couch to 5K program on time (doing the program as designed)
* Consider 5K training program included with registration for Y’s 5K

Other things I have added and continued:
* Tracking on calendar up in kitchen
* Added “I Just Ran/Walked” app to toolbox
* Stars for ab workouts
* Took on volunteering at yoga studio again so have once a week yoga scheduled