Dry Max issues? Maybe?


I haven’t written in some time, mostly because of the great weather that has happened upon Boston, but when I read this article from a fellow mom Tweeter, I thought I would say my peace on this.

For those that don’t know about this awesome issue, the Cliff Notes version about the “Pampers Dry Max” debate is this.. Pampers changed the diaper to include this “dry max” technology which is supposed to be better for baby and the environment. What’s been happening is that some babies, including mine, have been experiencing worse than normal diaper rash after use.

I have to say up front that I’m not angry about this new diaper necessarily. More frustrated and sad. We have used Pampers Swaddlers on Jackie since day 1. She really NEVER had a diaper rash, which I found pretty amazing in the first place. It just happened to be that we switched to #3 size diapers, to Cruisers from Swaddlers AND she started solids all at the same time. When she got a rash within a week of using the new diapers, we just thought it was the fact that she was eating solids and therefore the chemistry of her body, etc. would be different which would cause a rash.

About a month later, it got fairly bad where it wasn’t just red, but skin was sloughing off a bit and there were red dots. Called the doc and came to find out she had a yeast infection. I thought it could have been a small allergy, as she had blueberries and questioned if it maybe was the acidity of the fruit, but I don’t think the food had anything to do with it.

We never once thought it was the diaper as we trusted Pampers and had no reason not to. Long story short, she continued to have some sort of rash for about 2 months. It was never bad enough to bring her in to the doc, but we were using Clotrimazole and extra strength Desitin over all those weeks.

A couple of weeks ago, I overheard a news story about Dry Max and parents stating that their babies had “chemical burns” on their diaper area. Although Jackie’s wasn’t that bad, I thought I would change the diaper to see if that made a difference. We got Huggies and within a couple days the rash was gone almost 50%. The rash didn’t entirely go away, but I decided to go back to the Pampers Cruisers to see if the rash would return, and it did. We tried one more round of another Pampers diaper, the Baby Dry, seeing that it didn’t have the Dry Max technology (at least it didn’t state it on the package). We thought it worked initially, but within a day, it was worse than with any we had used prior.

I decided to go as natural as possible (with a disposable diaper) and got the Huggies Pure and Natural. Those have been a Godsend. Within 24 hours, the redness was gone and now less than a week later, it’s almost all healed.

I called Pampers about 3 times about all this asking if I could get a refund on the boxes we bought and they were amazing on the phone. I give them props on that one as it would have been poor customer service and sudden death to not give me my money back if I was calling. I also wasn’t upset, but really wanted to help, as I now had to move from a brand I had trusted for 9 months.

My main concern was to make sure that Jackie was healing and healthy so whatever worked is what we would go with, but the entire thing just seems odd.

In our case, I really can’t say that it definitely is the Dry Max technology that caused all this, but I can say there is something in these new diapers that is causing some irritation. I do know other moms that use the Pampers and have no problems, but is the reason for all this uproar due to blogs and a few moms squawking online or is there really an unusually large number of parents dealing with this?

For anyone reading this, if you’ve had issues with this diaper (or not), please post a comment. I am truly interested in the science of this and if there really is an issue. All I can do is speak for my daughter and what happened, but due to so many other factors involved, can anyone really say with any solid evidence that it’s the diapers causing this rash?

Time will tell.

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  1. I can’t really comment on the diapers because it has been four years since I have had a kid in diapers but I did have one that got that yeast infection thing after having diaper rash. We used Huggies the whole time mainly because they sold the big boxes at Costco. However, Carys got that diaper rash/yeast infection thing just like Jackie did. In short, we got prescription diaper rash cream from her pediatrician and it cleared right up. After 3 kids I have to say we did everything pretty much the same and one had this. I don’t know the significance of the dry max technology but, as it turns out, Carys just has more sensitive skin that either Mabyn or Dylan do. Also, seems like they grow in and out things too.

  2. I cannot say anything about the drymax issue as we’ve used cotton diapers from day one and only occasionally use disposables. What we did discover is that PJ’s bottom was very sensitive to any “disposable” wipes – even the sensitive ones. They all have some sort of “drying” agent in them. We’ve switched to cloth wipes† with just water. Our doctor also suggested only wipe after number 2, not number 1 and only bathe every 2 days. Sure enough, 3 days later the rash was gone. Any time we use disposable wipes for more than a couple of days the rash comes back.

    †bamboo or cotton, like: http://store.tinytots.com/store/product/16624/Prince-Lionheart-Warmies-Bamboo-Wipes-8-pack-/

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